Power of the Price Action Signlas

In the last the past lessons we’ve looked extensively at the Japanese candlestick and common chart patterns that can form to give traders a clue in which the markets might be heading. Within this chapter we will be talking about the best price action signals. We make use of unique candlestick price action signals that may really give any Forex trader an advantage they have to succeed in their trading.

We’ve covered patterns like the double top and head and shoulders. Even though they are great for helping us forecast price movements. Whenever utilized in isolation they do take too much time to play out and need large stop losses to trade properly. This is not practical enough for generating realistic returns in a reasonable time period. We really need hone in more on the market movements and target the best forex signals.

That’s where the price action come in. We use this “visualized data” to anticipate where price may most likely be moving a lot more quickly.I will show you several important price action scenarios.

The Rejection Candle

rejection candleThe Rejection Candle structure is easy to identify since it contains a large wick that projects from end of the body. The body of the candle is situated at one end of the candles range and it is generally small. The large wick on the Rejection Candle demonstrates to traders that price ‘rejected’ a certain area on the chart.

Long lower wicks communicate bullish rejection and suggest price will most likely move higher. Very long upper wicks tell the trader that bearish rejection has taken place and is the tip off for prospective downward movement.



The Indecision Candle

The Indecision Candles possess tiny bodies that are centred within the candles indecision candlerange with long wicks poking out each of the body.

The Indecision Candle communicates to the chart reader that the duration of market Indecision/Consolidation has occurred. The market moves up and down during its open period but closes with neutral bias.


Pin Bar Entry

The pin bar is really a price bar which has rejected higher or lower prices. Price will pin baropen and come in one direction, after which “reverse” during the session to near or past the open.

The pin bar structure is simple to recognize since it includes a long “tail” or wick. It is a common reversal signal which generally must occur near an assistance or resistance area. Some traders utilize them in conjunction with Fibonacci retraces as well as moving averages or horizontal support and resistance levels.

The bottom line is, pin bars are the ultimate strategy for picking up major swings in prices. In my experience, the Forex market is most attentive to this entry signal, because of the number of traders in Forex, the pattern becomes self-fulfilling and it also shows you when a change in price direction is imminent, whatever the reason may be.

Inside Bar

inside bar

Another highly-effective Forex trading strategy for newbies is definitely the inside bar technique. In contrast to the pin bar, the inside bar is best traded as a continuation pattern. This means we want to make use of a pending order to trade a breakout in the direction of the main trend.

Notice the way the bar preceding the inside bar is a lot greater in size. This bar is called the “mother bar” because it completely engulfs the inside bar. The real magic for this strategy comes after the consolidation period, that is represented by the inside bar, on a break of the mother bar’s range.

Probably the most logical time to make use of an inside bar happens when a substantial trend is within progress. If we play the break out, our stop loss could be based on placing it below the half way point of the outside bar or mother candle.

The Breakout Signal

Inside & Indecision candles aren’t direct trading signals so to speak. It’s unnecessary to take immediate action when they form. Instead they’re warning signs of a possible breakout move. They make up the catalysts for effective breakouts and make up the best forex signals.

The breakout signal actually takes place when price breaches either the high or the low of the Inside or Indecision candle’s range. It’s the high and lows of these signals which make the price containment that price has previously had trouble penetrating. When price escapes the containment a ‘breakout’ has occurred and also the breakout trade is triggered.

Breakouts from all of these signals can be very potent, but exactly how do we know we’re not getting caught in a breakout trap? We don’t, but we are able to significantly improve our edge when we only trade both of these breakout signs with existing trend momentum.

By using these simple, but powerful price action formations, you can really start to gain that edge on the market that many traders have to push them from zero to trading hero. Price action is easily the most powerful confirmed trading strategy and produced probably the most reliable and finest forex signals. Price action trading isn’t any doubt the most successful, popular trading method utilized in the markets today.


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